Nishtar Medical University

University Projects

New Projects/Schemes for
Annual Development Program

Name of Scheme
Total Estimated Cost
Up-Gradation of Cancer Treatment FacilityRs. 861.339 Millions
Provision of PET Scan & Cyclotron MachineRs. 1220.000 Millions
Replacement of Cobalt-60 Teletherapy unit by Halcyon (Low Energy Linear Accelerator) In Radiotherapy Dept.Rs. 110.000 Millions
Purchase of Bronchoscopy Machine for Pulmonology Dept.Rs. 13.000 Millions
Estb. Of Office of Research Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC)Rs. 6.345 Millions
Up-gradation of Science, Computer Skill LAB & Library at College of NursingRs. 23.541 Millions
Revamping of Accident & Emergency Dept.Rs. 978.767 Millions
Up-gradation of Endoscopy Service & Patient Monitoring in Thoracic SurgeryRs. 12.100 Millions
Provision of latest Endoscopy Equipment at Dept. of Gastroenterology & HematologyRs. 199.000 Millions
Purchase of Color Doppler Ultrasound for Radiology DepartmentRs. 24.000 Millions

Provision of PET Scan and Cyclotron Machine
at Nishtar Hospital, Multan

Equipment                                        1000.000Million

Total                                                      1000.000 Million

Expenditure upto 2021              New Scheme

Allocation 2021-2022                Equipment 1000.000

PC-I worth Rs. 1000 Million prepared and submitted to Secretary Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Department Lahore Vide letter No. 13203/NMU dated 03-07-2021 for approved by PDWP.