Nishtar Medical University

IT Department

Introduction of department​

IT Department has always been striving for excelling in providing quality services to employees, students and faculty of Nishtar Medical University on various platforms. IT Department is actively participating in the teaching and training of Post Graduate Students of NMU in the name of IT Skills Workshop, in which they are taught the basic components of IT & Computers (Hardware & Software), their effective and efficient usage of different tools and frameworks in the field of computer science so that they may utilize their medical skills along-with the flair of IT Knowledge and hence leaving no parallel to them. They are also taught about the advancements and improvements in the field of Information Technology. We are positive and hopeful that IT Department will continue its efforts with the same ambition and determination in the future.

I.T Department in Nishtar Medical College was first established as a section in Nishtar Library in 2001.Later  “Computer Research & Resource Lab” was established in 2007 by University of Health Sciences (UHS) near Crush Hall. In 2019, I.T LAB was upgraded to “Riaz-Ul-Haque Imami IT LAB” as a Project of Nishtar Alumni of North America (NANA)

Activities of I.T Department

  • Maintenance and up gradation of existing LAN/WAN facility at UVAS to provide better teaching and research environment by providing fast access through the interdepartmental fiber optic linkage.
  • Establishing IT infrastructure at allied Hospital and colleges of the university.
  • Human Resource Development through Training, video conferencing and through provision of access to digital resources worldwide. 
  • Provide IT facilities like printing, scanning, CD-writing, access to digital library resources etc in computer labs to the students and faculty members.
  • Responsible for the purchase, inspection and installation of IT equipment in the University.
  • Provide technical/maintenance/troubleshooting support in terms of software and hardware services to all the departments and sections of the University.
  • Provide facility of highly reliable system for automating the storage and retrieval of the information.
  • Human resources development through extensive IT training programs for faculty, management, staff and students.
  • Provide Reference Database for Research .
  • Day to day maintenance of university’s web site.
  • ID cards for Students, faculty and staff of the university
  • Management of national & international meetings, facilitated through state of the art video conferencing room
  • Conduct Online classes and manage students Attendence.
  • Biometric Attendence of students.

Video Conference

IT center is also maintaining highly sophisticated Video conferencing room which is now being used to conduct various meetings of national and international interests, on line lectures and discussions with the eminent scientists from all over the world. HEC rated UVAS Video conferencing facility as best and considered a preferred site for conduction of  such national and International video conferences due to well managed Video conferencing facilities supervised by skilled IT team of IT center.

HMIS (Hospital Management & Information System)

HMIS Modules

  1. Inpatient
  2. Outpatient
  3. Reports
  4. OT/OR Management Dashboard
  5. CSSD
  6. OT/OR Pharmacy
  7. Inpatient Pharmacy
  8. M & R Complaints
  9. Code Blue
  10. Administrative Switchboard
  11. Student Data
  1. Employee Data
  2. Ward Signatures
  3. Inpatient Staff Management
  4. Public Payroll (PPR)
  5. HO / PGR
  6. Daily Worker
  7. Covid-19 Employee
  8. Lab
  9. Lab Reports
  10. Radiology (RIS)
  11. Public Accounts (PAC)

Meet Our Team!

Dr Muhammad Kaleem Ullah

Assistant prof/Incharge HMIS

Dr Sami Ullah

Assistant Prof/Incharge IT Lab

Arif Hussain

Assistant Software Engineer/Incharge MK Pasha Lecture Complex

Khalil Ul Rehman

Assistant Hardware Engineer

Muhammad Danish

Printer Technician

Muhammad Nadeem

Assistant Hardware Engineer

Muhammad Amir

Computer Operator