Nishtar Medical University

Nishtar Medical College

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rashad Qamar Rao

Pricipal's Message

Dear prospective students,

I am sure with keenness to learn and following the rules and regulations of the Institute, you can bring laurels to this institution as the previous batches who left excellent foot-marks both Nationally & Internationally. We expect that our students grow into articulate, probing, caring and courteous doctors who are able to express their views cogently and to listen well to others, which reflect not only their professionally sound knowledge but moral & ethical values.

May Allah guide you and help you in this endeavor. Aameen. The atmosphere in our institute is a very congenial for learning which includes highly competent faculty and well trained staff in addition to extremely comfortable physical environment which includes lecture halls, Auditorium, Library, Cafeteria, Hostel, Mosque and a highly advanced care providing Teaching Hospital within same highly secured Campus. Let me share with you with pride that our college is considered as the best emerging Institute in the region by leading World Authorities and it is selected as Role Model College.

Pakistan Zindabad