Founders of Nishtar Medical College & Hospital

Names to Remember

Sr. Name Description
1 Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar The Governor of Punjab.
2 Dr. Mohammad Jamal Bhutta Founder Principal responsible for planning, development, organization and administration of Nishtar Medical College.
3 Dr. Colonel S.M.K. Mallick Director General Health Services, Punjab.
4 Mr. Inyat Ullah Khan Commissioner, Multan Division.
5 Mr. Inam Ullah Khan Superintendenting Engineer, Building department.
6 Mr. Ismail Shah Executive Engineer.
7 Mr. Allauddin Arshad Secretary, Medical and Local Government, Government of the Punjab.
8 Mr. Habib J. Somjee Architect for the college building.
9 Mr. Murat Khan Architect for the hospital building.

Start of Teaching at Nishtar Medical College

  • College was formally inaugurated on 1st October 1951.
  • Dr. Mohammad Jamal Bhutta was appointed the first Principal of the Nishtar Medical College and the first Medical Superintendent of Nishtar Hospital.
  • 52 male students were admitted in the first year M.B.B.S class. The teaching started at the Civil Hospital Multan, while the construction work was going on rapidly at the present site of Nishtar Medical College.
  • The uniforms for the students of Nishtar included Grey Jinnah caps, white shirts, khaki pants, black shoes and white coats.
  • Dr. Mohammad Jamal Bhutta designed the flag, the crest and the motto of Nishtar Medical College. The Nishtar Flag has a red stripe added to the Pakistan Flag. The crest has the surgical lancet or “Nishtar” as the center piece of the crest. This also indicates the name of the college. The crescent and star (the Islamic logo) are shown in the right hand upper corner of the crest. The dome of a mosque with a date palm in the upper left corner symbolizes Multan. The symbolic five rivers are included in the crest to indicate Punjab.

First Faculty Name Name
1 Dr. M. H Toosy 2 Dr. M. J Bhutta
3 Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim 4 Dr. Nazeer-ud-din Ahmad
5 Dr. M.A Farooqui 6 Dr. Abdul majeed khan
7 Dr. Abdul aziz 8 Dr. Muhammad Alamgir
9 Dr. N. A Sial 10 Dr. A.A Wyne
11 Dr. Abdul ghani 12 Dr. Muhammad Akhtar khan
13 Muhammad Shafi 14 Dr Khurshed begum
15 Dr. Sardar Ahmad 16 Dr Shaokat Raza
17 Dr Maryam khatoon

Basic Science Departments

  • Anatomy Department
  • Biochemistry Department
  • Community Medicine Department
  • Forensic Medicine Department
  • Physiology Department
  • Pharmacology Department
  • Pathology Department

Programs Offered

M. Phil (Chemical Pathology)
B.Sc (Hons.) Human Nutrition and Dietetics (HND) – 4 yrs. Program


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